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Sardine Varuval (Dry Style)

Tuna or Sardine? Sardine mostly. Fresh sardine or canned sardines? Both goes strongly and tremendously ( Mathi Achar  & Nadan Sardine Curry ). But stocking up canned sardines has become a habit I can't let go. Basically like if I don't stock up, seemingly my grocery doing is not complete. How about you? You are like me? You must have sardines in cans in your pantry? Actually, its a good thing because canned sardines will never ever let us down ( Sardin Masak Lemak & Sardine Rolls ). Unlike our husbands who sometimes can drive us up the wall? Even canned tuna as well ( Tuna Thoran , Tuna Burgers & Tuna Cutlets ). I mean, canned tuna being our cooking saviour. What's the story to me making this Sardine Varuval ( Sardine Sambal & Sardine Potato )? The same food story in fact. Always a favourite ( Jeera Aloo/Potato  & Meen Puttu ) and imagine sardine varuval alongside rice soaking or fully flooded by rasam or sambar. Heaven called easily fab meal rig