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Showing posts from February 16, 2015

Taste Enclave - Sunway Pyramid

Honestly, to tell you the truth, I was in two minds whether I should accept this Taste Enclave official opening. I am still nursing mum and she somehow started getting clingy and comfortable with me. I am not complaining though, but I felt that I really needed my moment of time. Been, let me tell you, like so, what, like three months already nursing and running with her to the medical center in and out. Look, let me repeat myself again. I am complaining. I am just worn out. I sincerely need a break. So, when this invitation popped, I of course confirmed my presence, but I still had to decide. Mum can't remain alone at home, and she, seemingly doesn't want to return to her son where she's happily for as long as I can remember. Wonder what then because there's no indication at all of her wanting to go back to her original base.