Saturday, January 17, 2015

Restoran V.P. Curry House - Jalan Tengku Kelana (Klang)

Back to Klang (Beekay's Corner Curry House), this time my darling, really, I don't know what got to him, he agreed to accompany me. How nice. When marriage is love shined shimmered. Been quite a while actually we have done this thing called "marriage shopping". Usually, I go my way because my other half-half, although, initially when we we got married, he did tack along, but after, like maybe 5 times, he point blank told me that its better for me shop without him. Because, he can't take the walking and also he said that he does not have the patience for the hours shopping with me. That's okay. I actually don't mind shopping on my own. In fact, I have even put a stop to shopping with girlfriends. Girls and friends, or women and friends? Tell me about it? They are not only confused, they will confuse you further. Some will literally force you to buy everything while they stand by the side and watch, or when they want to buy something, they will ask you like million times if its worthy, whether it suits them or if they really should buy. And I, trust me, I only can take it for a while. Thereafter, I can't control my razor mouth. I will tell them, which of course, does not go down well with women. So, confirmed, I can only shop with myself.

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