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Yaki Niku Ishiya - The Strand, Kota Damansara

Friends? Oh-my, what a sensitive topic. I'm still going ahead with opening the friendship can of worms, whether you like it or not. Trust me, all sorts of friends. Tell me about it? Which and what type I have not encountered? The good, the bad, the ugly, the sly, the sneaky, the pretentious, the worst among the whole lot are those who pretend to be your best friends, instead they are the worst back stabbers. I know. I have been stabbed many a times. Thank god I bounced back, maybe that's why I am careful with who I mix around now. I also learned that the less friends I have, the more uncomplicated my life will be. True enough. I can't be happier. Why shouldn't I, thrown in with learning to enjoy my own company? But to those sincere closest friends ( Good Friends Restaurant SS15 Subang Jaya ), I will stand by them no matter what. Like this couple who have made their base elsewhere, whenever they are back, we make sure we find time for each other. Additionally, for us