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Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Body Wash

Of course! Of course!! I must agree, as well as admit that home-made body washes undoubtedly are  the best among the rest. Especially when compared to commercial body products. Indeed, I am all for a concoction of natural home ingredients, free from harmful radicals. Honey, milk and lemon juice are my favourites, sure, why not, I might as well include even oats or sea salt which sincerely acts like those drama queens who stab our back when we least expect, for scrubbing our body. But what we fail to understand, moreover, even the smart people who preach about home made body washes don't tell us, is the eye sore messiness. Look, I am not in no way discouraging you. I will not. Who am I anyway, its your choice. Yet its my responsibility for telling you, I too of course feel wonder good and satisfied after scrubbing, but once its over and done, I turned around and when I notice my bathroom walls and floor, goodness! Imagine trying to wash all of those sticking slimy, simultaneou