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Showing posts from November 5, 2014

Vanilla - The Mille Crepe Cafe (SS15, Subang Jaya)

I've already decided. After thinking over and over again, again and again for the last two weeks, I decided to permanently pull out my 15 years career plug. Wasn't an easy decision, mind you. In fact, I couldn't stop debating within myself, I literally went bonkers, eventually, I throw in my resignation letter because there's no point ruffling my already badly dropping hair being employed in an organisation I have already built a skyrocketing hate fever. Initially, when I started my career, back then, I was so passionate and full of enthusiasm of my lecturing job. But for the last one year or so, its been hell. I realize that sometimes its not about career passion, which can plunge deepest down like our Malaysian stock market, due to a couple of reasons.