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Bergen - Norway (Day 2 & 3)

Down to the last two days before curtains are permanently drawn on our Denmark and Norway tour. On this second last day, our sightseeing started at Bergen's waterfront port ( Bergen Norway Day 1 ). Vessels, ships and boats, we actually had the chance to being nearest to the sea. I loved it. Honestly. I am crazy about anything that water "gotto" to do. Sea, river, waterfall or even ponds ( Vossestrand, Gol, Fjord & Flam ). Basically, I am a nature lover, nonetheless, I can also truly immerse myself in history ( Oslo Norway ). Undoubtedly, for keeping me wise as I grow older, in my book of knowledge. Already a few volumes, one which is close  to my body, mind and soul for stirring me up in the most tantalising, teasing regards ( Copenhagen Day 2 , Copenhagen Day 1 Part 2 & Copenhagen Day 1 Part 1 ). Henceforth, at this Bergen port, I stood so close to the edge, I threw in me, my, myself moment of fun clowning, simultaneously I pictured for memory external dr