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Mathi Achar

Mathi Achar. Kerala Sardine Fish Achar or Kerala Sardine Fish Pickle. Says it all. Me and my love for fish achar ( Nyonya Acar Fish ) or even salted fish pickle ( Pada Salt Fish Pickle & Salted Fish Pickle ). And so, you think I would have had major kitchen struggle in making Mathi Achar? I don't think so because I have to some extent, mastered my cooking skills towards Kerala cuisine ( Nadan Meen Curry , Fish Puttu , Tuna Thoran  & Malabar Fish Curry  & Kerala Fish Fry ). Of course, I must admit I did refer to a couple of recipes, but at the end of it all, I decided I will stay true to my own Mathi Achar cooking invention and fish by themselves, do I have to repeat myself again and again ( Fish Ball Noodle Soup , Malu Kirata/Sri Lankan Fish Coconut Stew , Indonesian Fish Balado , Mauritian Fish Curry  & Ikan Masak Kicap )? Moreover, sardines are not only a popularity in Kerala, but here in Malaysia too. So, sardines they were. Masala enhanced fried sardines ti