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Hong Kong Wonton Noodle Soup

Hong Kong Wonton Noodle Soup made in my Malaysian kitchen. Why not ( Hong Kong Steamed Fish )? Who told you, you can't make Hong Kong Wonton Noodle Soup in your Malaysian kitchen? Not me. I in fact have already proven it. This is the Hong Kong Wonton Noodle Soup as per our Malaysian locality and pretty much, tell me please. How different can our local Wonton Noodle Soup be compared to those made in Hong Kong? Pretty much more or less the same ingredients, but considering that Halal food is quite a demand in Malaysia, I made this prawn halal version ( Mee Goreng Udang/Prawn Fried Mee , Hokkien Hae Mee , Cantonese Yee Mee  & Hakka Noodles ). The start to making of course must be making the wonton dumplings and if prawn ( Prawn Coconut Milk , Prawn Cocktail &  Chinese Prawn Fritters ) is not favorable to you, please proceed with chicken ( Chicken Wonton Soup & Chinese Chicken Meatball Soup ) or pork to be filled and wrapped in store bought wanton skin and these wan

Copenhagen (Denmark) - Day 2 (Frederiksborg Slot & Kronborg Castle)

Fruitful first day. Utter but there's still 7 days for positively shattering us. Admittedly quite a tiring day as well. Sightseeing walking within the next 2 hours after almost a day of sleep deprivation due airport in and out, and also being up in the air, indeed, tiredness eventually caught up on us. Nevertheless, in all genuine fairness, Copenhagen couldn't at all be faulted. Copenhagen remarkably opened up in its most starling, calm and serene as ever regards ( Copenhagen Part 2 & Copenhagen Part 1 ). Having said that, as tired as we were, we couldn't shut down for the day. Never easy-peasy I believe when you are in a totally new environment. Unfamiliarity or because we can't contain our far travelled overwhelming happiness, sleep might trouble us. Aside to whether we slept, or just catnapped, or we didn't sleep at all, sightseeing the following morning must go on. It must. I guess you won't even have a choice to staying behind, if there's a sw