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Malu Kirata

There is Kiri Hodi and there is also Malu Kirata, or Sri Lankan fish coconut stew. Furthermore, when we speak about Sri Lankan food on the whole, how can not include coconut milk mostly ( Sri Lankan Carrot Salad ) for whichever dish for the matter ( Sodhi )? You bet. Of course, we Asians pretty much love the concept of coconut milk tipping into our cooking as well. In fact, why go so far. Even for our Malaysian savory dishes ( Salted Fish Pineapple Coconut Stew  & Shrimp Coconut Milk ) and even for our desserts ( Pumpkin Sago Dessert ) and I think fish is a diet for maybe everyone around the world regardless whether we are surrounded by sea or not. Over in Malaysia too ( Malaysian Fish Sambal ) and in my house particularly, we are fish dependent at least twice or once a week and who can be a better Malaysian to speak about fish except Nava K. Various types of fish dishes from near and far beyond has already been my cooking skills ( Nadan Meen Curry , Malabar Fish Curry , Meen