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Easy Banana Bread

I think, most probably I am temporarily still wearing the baking crown ( Cocoa Butter Cake , Cocoa Cake , Classic Genoise & Chocolate Rum Tart ). Or maybe I accidentally wore it. Whichever, instead of storing back the baking utensils which were still crowding my kitchen top ( Mango Cheesecake ), I decided to give them another lease of life by making this Banana Bread. Thanks to "Simply Recipes" ,   a t once I knew I will have no qualms to mixing all the ingredients, prior to baking. Such is by far my simple baking concept. All about mixing the ingredients basically. How did Easy Banana Bread turned out to be? Not overly sweet and for putting to good use those bananas which if I didn't save, would have hit their grave. I mean,  throwing definitely would have been the next cause of action within a day or two. How about you now making my this version of Banana Bread before pleasuring in ( Lemon Bars , Classic Genoise , Mandarin Orange Cake , Milo Cake , Sujee Cake