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Heritage Village - Jaya Shopping Centre (Section 14, Petaling Jaya)

And so, I was invited, I arrived enthusiastically all the way from Shah Alam after beating the massive jam to make it earlier. In fact, I was the first few. As usual, hi and hello, of course, not all bloggers are user friendly. They do totally ignore you. Others will give you a faint smile, whereas some somehow seemingly won't be happy that you are part of this bloggers food review ( HungryGoWhere ). Like I cared anyway? I waited and within the next 20 minutes, dishes were rolled out. God, so slow the pace, didn't help that this photo capturing the best shots by the hard cores irritated the lights out of me. What can I do? Nothing. Almost an hour for picturing, hunger meanwhile has massively killed me until I really felt like walking out to eat elsewhere, prior to dashing home. Then again, in all good mannerism, I awaited in this stylish, spacious and resembling a modern Nyonya ambiance restaurant. Food, cold food which was put to cold storage because of picturing madness,