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Cambodian Green Mango Salad

Mango and salad? I already told you before right? I did ( Kerabu Mango/Mango Salad ). Maybe I could have repeated the same food story and mango I think like donkey times ( Mango Cheesecake & Mango Mocktail )? Thus, mango is a favourite for all sort of dishes ( Aam ki Achaar  & Indian Mango Chutney )? If you are asking me, undeniably. But when salad is a concern on our dining table, most of the time it must be the Asian style. As long as salads packs our Asian and Malaysian customary tastes, oh-my, our meals will be truly a delight and we actually have salad as a side dish for our rice instead as a starter, nibbler or appetizer. That's how it has been for us for as long as I can recall and since I have already showcased mango in our Malaysian style, I decided I will take on the Cambodian side to a mango salad ( Cambodian Sour Fish Soup ). Pretty much not much of a difference in the ingredients. I mean, what can be different? Our Asian cooking is all about more or less