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Restoran Ho Poh (Bandar Puteri) Puchong

Amma/mother/mummy/emak/ma or however comfortable you are with mum, mothers are definitely the strong hold fort for us. They have been holding it so close to their hearts, all for love, for the love they have been showering us, albeit perhaps may not have been perfection. I know. Mum and I have had a long history of battles, minor and major, we still do, mind you. All done and said, at the end of the day, mothers must be treasured. For me, I treasure her on mothers day by ensuring that she takes a break, she must have a break from cooking. Like all mothers, kitchen potentially is her favorite spot, cooking daily relentlessly, so her treat each year is a meal. Accompanied by the rest of the battalions, Puchong ( Bumbu Bali ,  Bibiwok Nyonya  &  Kiat Seng ) seeming is the convenient area for us, we fetched her and off we left for an early lunch. By 11.30am to avoid traffic and parking busyness. Upon parking we walked along the shop lots, at this juncture, at an ad-hoc basis, I, y