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Kacang Buncis Goreng Belacan (French Beans With Shrimp Paste)

Goreng-Goreng and our Malaysian goreng. Our goreng, especially if its a Malay style goreng must be a belacan goreng. What is belacan by the way ( Sambal Belimbing Ikan Bilis ,  Sambal Terasi , Belacan Fried Rice & Sambal Belacan Ikan )? Belacan is definitely an ingredient seller for me. In other words, I so love belacan which can be overwhelming for some people. I really can't understand or don't know why these people cannot digest the smell of belacan, but myself? No problem. Belacan naturally will kick in when added into our Malaysian savory dishes or for the matter, when you stir fry vegetables ( Sweet Potato Leaves Belacan & Kangkung Belacan ). Also, when we speak about stir frying on the whole primarily, its about quickly frying in a jiffy ( Mee Goreng Udang ). Similarly, that's how we do it for Kacang Buncis Goreng Belacan ( Kacang Buncis Tempeh Goreng ). French beans, bilis/anchovies, home made belacan chili paste and of course, lime juice and a tiny bi