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Chili Hummus

How far have I come in this space of mine? Quite far actually. In fact, quite a proud improvement for my cooking and recipe sharing. However, not about copying recipes ( Tomato Rice Pilaf , Moroccan Pea Soup  & Baingan Bharta/Brinjal Mash ). Actually, to tell you the truth, copying is not my ball game, though I admit I do refer to recipes. Recipes from anywhere for the matter and of course, these days, online videos and tv cooking shows are most marketed. If you are asking me, indeed yes and I guess its a good thing as well. We learn, we improve and we can along the way coin our own recipes. Take this Chili Hummus as an example. My own version. If you don't believe me, do your search please and I bet you will believe me. What is hummus by the way? Hummus is basically a dip ( Sambal Terasi , Mango Chutney & Creamy Avocado Dip ). Dip for anything you like to dip in and we dipped toast into this Chili Hummus made in the blender. Ingredients for this my special style Chi