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Mixed Vegetable Soup

And so like they say, if you really can't conclude what to cook for the day ( Moroccan Pea Soup , Kashmiri Vegetable Soup ,  Kenchin Jiru/Japanese Vegetable Soup , Moo Gook/Korean Radish Soup  & Caldo Verde/Portuguese Potato Soup ) and you also want to clear your fridge, plus the weather is chilling your bones, what else can be a new story in our kitchen? Wouldn't you agree it should potentially be a soup story? A soup as well ( Thai Tomato Soup ,  Vegetarian Mulligatawny Soup  &  Chinese Tofu Soup ), for also, like I have already said, for saving all the vegetables in the fridge before they permanently bid bye-bye? Such a waste right? Throwing away ingredients? As if you are throwing away money as well? Of course ( Old Cucumber Soup , Burdock Root Soup , Winter Melon Soup & Turmeric Tomato Soup ). Moreover, there's no leaps and bounds for a soup. By far, anything goes? Literally whatever, like for this Mixed Vegetable Soup. Of course, we must have aroma