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Udupi Sambar

Sambar again? Indeed. Sambar again obviously. What's with sambar/Indian dal curry and my cooking story ( Punjabi Sabut Moong Dal , Andra Sambar & Palakura Pappu )? In fact, its a story which will walk you down the memory lane, up the valley, down the hill and, back and forth, bouncing you in and out of my house and kitchen. Potentially. Until I am lost for words on what else should I say about sambar and most probably, its a similar Indian curry story in each and every Indian household ( Drumstick Sambar , Mysore Sambar  & Bitter Gourd Sambar ). But due to making sambar as regularity as I have, I now had drawn a line between myself and sambar. Regardless, sambar making is still on the go and I don't think will stop until I receive the red light from my other half-half. Hopefully because I can't really and seriously digest sambar anymore ( Fish Sambar , Tanni Saar , Sambar & Spinach Sambar ). Where did the idea fall from for making Udupi Sambar? Just like