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Malaysian Style Sambal Sandwich

Sambal and Malaysians. In fact sambal and even Indonesians? Remember, we did speak about this our sambal love previously ( Sambal Goreng Terasi )? Not once I suppose, maybe repeated a couple of times ( Dried Shrimp Sambal &  Sambal Udang )? We did and the other we spoke about as well was bread ( Asian Egg Mayonnaise Sambal )?  Me of course am a number one sambal woman ( Malaysian Fish Sambal ) and I will proudly progress. How about sambal in bread ( Sardine Rolls ) and generously lathered atop home made chicken patty? Ohalalala yum! Malaysian Style Sambal Sandwich utterly and sincerely is Malaysian belonging and longing. Of course there have been other variances of sandwiches and even burgers I have shared before and let me quote just one instead flooding overdoing it ( Tuna Burgers ). Having said that, nothing can close to this Malaysian Style Sambal Sandwich ( Malaysian Spicy Sour Fish Soup Noodles ,   Malaysian Style Fried Mee Hoon , Malaysian Chicken Chop , Malaysian Ind