Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nescafe Ice Cream

Me and ice-cream making. Shocker right? I know. I myself couldn't believe it. No words to describe why I made ice-cream. Must be one of my mood swings. The right pendulum swing until I decided. Not just any ordinary ice-cream, but ice-cream made from my favourite coffee. Nescafe! I mean, I told myself. Why should I buy a specific brand of coffee just for making ice-cream when I already have stock of Nescafe. Always and forever ((Milo Cake With Milo Glaze). After all, there is no such a thing as you must bring out your money each time you make something and me of course, as always, believe in starting with whatever ingredients I have stocked up at home (Bingka Pisang/Malaysian Banana Cake, Poached Pears In Citrus Syrup & Pineapple Bread Pudding). Possibly? What else shall I say then? Perhaps, you like to help me out (Malaysian Sago Pudding, Thai Mango Sticky Rice & Bubur Cha Cha) or best will be getting down to making Nescafe Ice Cream. Like any other ice cream made without the ice cream maker and alongside the ingredients listed below, Nescafe Ice Cream sincerely and definitely is a home made chilled, creamy and not overly sweet pride (Watermelon Milk Sorbet). 

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