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Sukhi Aloo Sabzi

Potatoes! Tell me please? The kilos and kilos we buy most probably every week and any dish for the matter made from potatoes I think will be a total sell-out the moment it hits our dining table? If you are asking me, oh-yes. We just so love potatoes any which way they are cooked ( Tari Wale Aloo/Vegan Potato Curry ), plus I can go on and on and quote a whole string and list of potato dishes I have already shared with all of you, but off hand, these are the few I thought I will link ( Fried Potato Balls , Dum Aloo , Chilli Aloo  & Aloo Gobi ) for the benefit of staying within the context of vegetarian dishes. What is Sukhi Aloo Sabzi by the way ( Kashmiri Vegetable Soup ,  Tamatar ki Chutney , Aam ka Achaar , Shahi Gobi   &  Baingan Bharta )? Obviously, a North Indian dry style potato dish which requires boiled potatoes stir fried alongside the ingredients listed below and my style is perhaps different. Usually I think green peas are not one of the ingredients? I on the ot