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Safi Rania Gold - Face Scrub

Sometimes it is just perception, I believe so, that imported expensive skincare products are far better compared to going local or maybe, I'm just saying, we just don't want to give ourselves a chance to local products. To a certain extent, mind you, I was stuck with the same mentality. In fact I admit that I was still unsure if I made the right decision in buying this "Made In Malaysia" scrub. Then again, there has been instances even imported products didn't go down well on my skin. Anyway, because I had to quickly replenish a face scrub ( Himalaya Apricot Scrub ), I didn't hesitate paying around RM15.00 for Safi Rania Gold Face Scrub. For that price, if  it does not work, I am sure I can polish off dead skin cells from my body.