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Nadan Meen Curry

Back and forth, to and fro, bouncing here and there, finally, after like thinking again and again, I decided it will be a fish curry from the land of Kerala and known as Nadan Meen/Fish Curry ( Meen Puttu ,  Malabar Fish Curry , Tuna Thoran  & Kerala Fish Fry ). Thank god I decided. Otherwise, I would have most probably taken the easy way out by making a similar fish curry like before. Which by far would have been still be accepted in my house ( Fish Head Curry , Salted Fish Bone Curry ,  Meen Muringgaka Kulambu  & Assam Fish Curry ). Then again, don't we long for a change, even when its our food tucking in? Of course, if you are asking me. Moreover, I too like the cooking challenge in inventing new dishes for like automatically upgrading my food knowledge ( Burmese Fish Biryani ,  Mauritian Fish Curry  &  Bengali Fish Curry ) and pretty much Kerala cuisine is quite a familiarly to me ( Tapioca Stir Fry ,  Cabbage Thoran  &  Beans Thoran ).  Nadan Meen Curry. C