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Burmese Biryani

Confession before I speak furthermore. Curiosity kicked in and began my quest in searching for biryani recipes, though I think you know it as well? I am not left far behind when biryani is a concern or even the much more easy to put together or maybe requiring extra ingredients and time rice dishes ( Hyderabadi Biryani  & Vegetable Biryani )? Pretty much says it all ( Rice Pilaf ). Nevertheless, checking through a couple of the Burmese Biryani recipes and mostly popping up Burmese Chicken Biryani, oh-boy glad I was. Burmese Biryani Biryani and more or less due to my Indian heritage ( Fish Puttu ,  Indian Spiced Salmon  &  Ghee Rice ) and possibly Chinese ( Teochew Steamed Fish ) and Thai influences ( Thai Crispy Fish ) too? Yet I had to opt for fish because, like I have already told you before, my other half-half and his taboo towards chicken ( Indonesian Grilled Fish  & Mauritian Fish Curry ). Having said that, I must confidently say this my version must trended so c