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Indonesian Grilled Fish

Indonesian Grilled Fish or Ikan Bakar Indonesia. Sounds mouthwatering right? I know. Especially if you are spicy food lover like me and if you love all those traditional Indonesian tastes, including sourness from lime juice and saltiness from tauchu/fermented soy beans and terasi/belacan. Remember, can you still recall ( Sambal Goreng Teri ,  Sambal Terasi & Ikan Belado ? Plus, how can forget the rest of our Malaysian dishes? Cooked alongside almost similar ingredients and akin a spicy pop in our mouth ( Malaysian Fish Sambal , Ikan Masak Kicap  & Stingray Spicy Sauce ). Also, maybe I should mention other fish recipes from our Asian continent which showcases spiciness, sourness and saltiness ( Thai Crispy Fish , Hong Kong Steamed Fish , Cambodian Fish Soup & Vietnamese Fish Soup ) too. Generally, as far as I know and as far as I have seen on cooking programs, quite a fair bit of ingredients are marinated or mixed alongside Indonesian Grilled Fish prior to grilling. Bu