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Tomato Rice Pilaf

Rice and rice, and more rice please. I am not complaining, neither will I ever. Rice! Oh-god, without rice I have no food life. I basically love rice. In fact, I am an avid and number one rice lover which I think by far says it all about me the typical Malaysian. Albeit I stay away from rice in the morning ( Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang ). Of course every now and then I let go, and when its lunch next, not rice again or maybe I skip lunch because a rice meal by itself is filling for keeping your hunger throne in place for half a day or even 3/4 a day. Moreover, speak about those utterly wholesome rice dishes ( Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani , Vegetable Briyani , Cantonese Fried Rice & Malaysian Fried Rice ). Regardless, we also have the rice dishes which are just one higher step to plain rice. The ones we tuck into alongside a main dish and other side dishes ( Mint Rice ,  Curry Leaves Rice , Turmeric Rice ,  Coriander Rice  &  Cumin Rice ). How about Tomato Rice Pilaf, are yo