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Indian Yogurt Soup

We Indians, yes, I am one all right,  don't we love our Indian soups ( Dhal Vegetable Soup   &   Indian Onion Soup   &  Spinach Tomato Soup )? Yes please.  Of course. I can also strongly vouch that no other Indian soup can comparatively trend real close to our magical, healthy and nourishing Rasam/Indian Pepper Soup , I might as well include the healthy or not so healthy Sodhi/Indian Coconut Milk Stew . Indian soups by far, I think I may have told you before, though I can't exactly right now remember if I did, never mind, let me repeat myself again. No harm done. Indian soups are usually light and runny, for a typical Indian meal, we Indians actually prefer to drench our soups over rice. Akin a gravy dish for us, Indian soups I believe can stand at par alongside Chinese, Malay and Thai soup ( Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup , Mushroom Yee Mee Soup , Old Cucumber Soup , Chinese Burdock Soup , Tom Yam Seafood Soup ,  Chinese Chicken Watercress Soup   &  Fish Bendi