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Sambal Goreng Teri

What is Sambal Goreng Teri? Sambal Goreng Teri basically is an Indonesian Ikan Bilis/Anchovies Sambal. That's right. Says it all right? The popularity of crunchy and dried in the sun, salty tiny fish in Indonesia ( Sambal Terasi  & Ikan Balado ) and we Malaysians? Oh-my, ask this typical Malaysian and she will unveil all of it ( Malaysian Fish Sambal ,  Asam Pedas Ikan  & Sambal Sotong ) on ikan teri, or ikan bilis and sambal too ( Sambal Petai Ikan Bilis , Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis , Ikan Bilis Mee Hoon  & Sambal Udang Petai ). Of course, even salted fish/ikan asin/ikan masin is an undisputed love for Malaysians and I think must be the love for Indonesians as well.  However, if you are expecting a typical Sambal Goreng Teri, either you will be disappointed or you will truly fall in love for my version. Different, unique and spicy power packed, some kacang panjang/long beans as well, and scented by serai/lemongrass Sambal Goreng Teri ( Salted Fish Soup , Masak Lemak