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Siamese Laksa Lemak

,  Not bad. My thinking capacity to cooking I believe is getting up and about, and higher, but seemingly Thai cuisine is a favorite. Why not? Why shouldn't I anywhere? What should potentially stop me when I have already mastered quite a whole list of dishes and Laksa by far has already been cooking conquered as well ( Shrimp Pad Thai ,  Thai Crispy Fish , Tom Yum Goong , Thai Carrot Soup  &  Thai Green Fish Curry ). Laksa Lemak by the way is the marrying of Curry Laksa ( Penang Curry Mee ) and Assam Laksa ( Nyonya Hot And Sour Fish Broth Noodle ) regardless of the fact that there are various types of Laksa Lemak which can be made from chicken, pork, beef and seafood ( Sarawak Laksa , Singapore Laksa , Nyonya Curry Laksa & Prawn Curry Laksa ). But for this Siamese Laksa Lemak, the two central ingredients are fish and coconut milk ( Thai Fish Noodle Soup & Laksam Kelantan ). Also, you need to make the laksa paste which showcases the crucial Thai herbs and ingred