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Restoran Mohd Chan - Kota Kemuning (Shah Alam)

Restoran Mohd Chan. Been around for some time, albeit I can't exactly say since when, but I sure have noticed Restoran Mohd Chan a couple of times while driving pass the row of shops across the main road. Recently, just two weeks back, we had our first dinner dining experience in Restaurant Mohd Chan on this Sunday. A spacious corner lot "Chinese-Halal" restaurant, nice ambiance, with option for dining inside or outside, should you sit outside, you better keep an eye on the stray cats. Quite a nuisance actually if you are not a cat lover, but I guess nothing much can be done, though we did notice some customers generously feeding them, not realising that stray cats bring with them fleas and germs. Aside to the stray cats, but they sure will try their utmost in lingering under your table, you should also be wary of the flying happily blood suckers. Mosquitoes. So, to avoid both of these uninvited guests, I suppose inside air-conditioned dining area is clearly more c