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Lamb Massaman Curry

Thai cooking and Thai cuisine for this lady? I quite know it all actually due to me and my cooking expertise and me having travelled around Thailand in a good bit. But I must confess I have never ever made Massaman Curry before. Of course there is always a first time and it all began by me peeping into a couple of recipe books and then, deciding on which ingredients will raise alongside each other in tandem for the big bold Thai profound tastes ( Thai Tomato Soup , Thai Crispy Fish , Shrimp Pad Thai , Thai Yellow Curry , Thai Fish Noodle Soup , Thai Green Curry & Tom Yum Fried Rice ). But considering that beef is generally the meat choice for Massaman Curry, I had to look for an alternative and lamb couldn't be by far the better or best. After all it's not mutton ( Nepalese Mutton Curry ), it has to be lamb for us ( Lamb Spaghetti , Lamb Rogan Josh , Lamb Kofta Curry , Lamb Fried Rice , Malaysian Lamb Stew & Lamb Pho ). Lamb Massaman Curry? A must try aromatic,