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Traditional Butter Cake

So I baked after a lapse of few months and I baked traditionally. In other words, I baked a Traditionally Butter Cake. Why traditional? Well, because traditional will always be in demand and traditional also means the recipe has been existing for many, many years and still cherished till this day ( Sujee Cake , Eggless Orange Cheesecake , Lemon Buttermilk Cake , Lemon Cream Pie & Marble Cake ). Where did by the way the  recipe for this traditional butter cake derived from? From my friend. My friend who bakes like nobody's business and she sharing her recipe on the phone. To tell you the truth, initially I hesitated. I doubted myself if I can do a real-deal baking job for ensuring that I will not be a failure in making this traditional butter cake, though generally I never doubt myself when other types of sweet delights are a concern ( Malaysian Sago Pudding ,  Kuih Buah Melaka , Rava Laddu   &  Payasam ). In the end, as much as I wasn't really sure what will be t