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Malaqa Nyonya House (SS15, Subang Jaya) - Selangor

No plan what-so-ever, we actually didn't even have any clue where we were heading to. But definitely can't be very far within the familiar Subang Jaya ground ( Hyotan Japanese Restaurant , Restoran Nirwana Maju  & Big Hug Burger ), or maybe, it all depends on how far we can walk or till we spot an eatery. As we walked, just like that, at this juncture, we arrived in front of Malaqa Nyonya House. Fortunately, akin a spot-on discovery because the three of us simply adore traditional Nyonya cuisine. Walking into this impressive ambiance, which indeed, resembled like the real deal Nyonya Malacca eateries ( Where In Malacca ), we sat, we flipped through the menu, but it took us a while in deciding what to call for. Each and every item really tempting, speak about the big, bold and cooked alongside Malaysian quintessential spices and herbs savory dishes and also, coconut milk and  palm sugar loaded and screwpine/pandan leaves scented sinful sweet treats please. Oh-yum, I was