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Sri Lankan Carrot Salad

The raw deal to a raw salad must be recognised and hailed as healthiness and for keeping it really easy and simple in our kitchen. Of course. I in fact love the concept to raw salads, but can't be a regularity because my half-half does not really fancy. Maybe every now and then is acceptable to him, whereas I am every willing to tuck into a raw salad even if its daily and sometimes raw salads are not necessarily an accompaniment for my rice meals ( Penang Acar ). They can be my snack as well when I feel like munching instead of grabbing junk food ( Apple Cucumber Salad , Watermelon Salad  &  Malaysian Mango Salad ) and anything for the matter made with vegetables is most probably low in calorie counting ( Shahi Gobi ,  Cabbage Upkari ,  Kashmiri Vegetable Soup   &   Vegetable Raita ). Moreover, when we speak about this Sri Lankan Carrot Salad ( Carrot Poriyal )? An ultimate fresh raw burst to natural sweetness ( Cucumber Yogurt Salad ) of carrot and cucumber, refreshi