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Malaysian Sago Pudding

Such is so that when you coin your own dessert, you must proudly profess and where else is a better place except in the virtual world. Specifically, for food bloggers, it must be in our blog. True enough. Yes indeed. I was in the mood of making a dessert and me being someone who love to definitely showcase our Malaysian ingredients ( Malaysian Fish Sambal , Malaysian Fried Mee Hoon , Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles , Malaysian Chilli Crab & Malaysian Fish Curry ), trust me, our ingredients are mostly affordable, in fact you just pay a couple of dollars, I decided I will twist, tweet and modify my previous Sago Gula Melaka . Furthermore because me and my preference for our easy to put together desserts we are proud of and known as kuih-muih ( Kuih Buah Melaka , Bingka Pisang ,  Bubur Kacang Hijau , Poached Pears  & Pandan Jelly ), instead of baking or getting down to tremendously dessert works. Malaysian Sago Pudding? Obviously, sago is the main highlight ( Sago Payasam ) and