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Shahi Gobi

Oh-My-My! What a royalty right? I bet at the first look of Shahi Gobi ( Shahi Mutton , Aloo Gosht , Rogan Josh & Murgh Makhani ) you must have salivated? If you are asking me, you should because this gobi curry or cauliflower curry is one I put together after really giving my thinking a true and sincere thought prior to getting down to making. Furthermore, picking up cauliflower has become like a habit. In fact I seriously can't resist cauliflower which by the way is a favourite veggie amongst Indians. Why not when cauli is affordable and you can actually make a whole list of dishes ( Cauliflower Pakora , Cauliflower Fritters & Cauliflower Curry )? This dish, that dish, cauli by itself in a curry or alongside a combo of other veggies or as a stir fry ( Aloo Gobi  & Chilli Aloo ) for a simple dish, but for Shahi Gobi which definitely must be ranked really high due to its richness, creaminess and like I have already told you, a royalty ( Baingan Bharta , Navratan K