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Char Siu (Chinese Barbecue Pork)

Confession time before I move to the recipe. Honestly guys, this is the first time I am cooking pork at home. Why are asking me? Well, being married to a typical Hindu who doesn't eat pork, I didn't want to pull out our marriage roots or shake up our marriage tree which has already grounded strongly. But lemme tell you that I am a hard-core lover of Chinese food ( Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup , Cantonese Fried Rice , Hakka Noodles , Teochew Steamed Fish  & Sichuan Chilli Prawns ). Actually even my other half-half does not mind Chinese food maybe not often, but every now and then, yet it can't be pork. As long as all those dishes I make are a produce of seafood, he will in fact tuck in and of course, Chinese vegetarian dishes, well, do I have to say anything? Indians seemingly have no issue adapting to vegetarian dishes ( Yam Basket Vegetarian , Chinese Vegetable Noodle Soup , Old Cucumber Soup  & Vegetarian Chow Mein ).