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Tuna Thoran

Tuna and Thoran? Synonymous in Kerala ( Parippu Pradhaman ,  Malabar Fish Curry & Kerala Fish Fry ), whether you use fresh catch tuna or canned tuna. For me personally, Tuna Thoran ( Cabbage Thoran & Beans Thoran ) basically is a stir fry ( Chicken Varuval ) and can be stir fried with or without grated coconut ( Kiri Hodi ) or we might as well take the convenience of coconut oil in case we can't run or rush to buy coconut for thoran. My style to Tuna Thoran ( Tuna Burgers & Tuna Cutlets )? Aha! I think I told you before, this habit of adding potatoes and looked like I automatically added without even thinking twice its a Kerala Thoran. Then again, there is no right and wrong to ingredients we prefer, especially when you are rushing for time in making Tuna Thoran? Of course. Tuna Thoran is actually a simplified dish though some people love to blow it up as though its a mind blogging dish to make. Basically, all you got to do is get the ingredients listed below re