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Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood Restaurant (Pelabuhan Klang) Selangor

Family dining together, how interesting? Who is driving, who is not, which restaurant it should be and where, eventually, we vroomed. But somewhere along the way, tail gating didn't work. No, it didn't. Patience I believe is not everyone's virtue, nope, some arrived earlier, the rest of us were lost. We actually did manage to arrive at the said Pelabuhan Klang location ( Seri Langat Seafood &  Coconut Flower Seafoo d ). However, due to a little confusion on which is which, because there's two restaurants, literally almost with the same name within this same compound, we were unsure. Calling each other then seemingly was the next logical thing, finally, we walked into Bagan Hailam Lagoon Seafood Restaurant. Floating on the water, real deal typical Malaysian style colonial Chinese restaurant, honestly, I loved the walk I did on the planks prior to being seated in the open, spacious and surrounded in water  dining area. Especially in a night setting, it just mad