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Tom Yam Steamed Fish

Tom Yam, can you believe it? Ready made tom yam paste or made from a stretch tom yam paste which by far is a food show stealer for Thai savory dishes. Of course if you are asking me and if you are asking me again about Thai food boldness and explosion of different role play of tastes, I sure can tell you ( Thai Fish Noodle Soup  & Thai Vegetable Curry ). So much so, when tom yam paste is a concern, I sure have it at the back of my hands as well ( Tom Yum Goong ). Moreover, I think by now, you must be already tired listening to all those of my fish stories I have repeated over and over again ( Tandoori Salmon , Bengali Fish Croquettes , Ikan Masak Kicap , Ikan Balado , Malabar Fish Curry  &  Unagi Kabayaki ). So, what do we have to do for Tom Tam Steamed Fish? Steaming of course is most probably an easy cooking chore, but you still need to make the tom yam paste. Make the paste, and saute it alongside kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, lime juice, birds eyes chillies ( Thai C