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Big Hug Burger - Subang Square SS15 (Subang Jaya)

At Big Hug Burger, you can freely hug the big or small teddies. You sure can, one of things noticeable the moment you walk in. Generally, its the sweet young thing dollies who won't stop posing with the teddies, of course nothing should stop you from doing the same. Did I? Oh please, I am not a young doll anymore, I think there's more to my life than still holding on to teddy bear hugging which most probably I did during my younger years. Also, look, I am not questioning the cleanliness in Big Hug Burger, but I wonder if these teddies have been dusted? Well and good, if teddies are vacuum sucked every now and then, otherwise, if you sensitive to dust mites, I think you should forget about teddy hugging. Maybe, a better option will be hugging the friendly owner who is proud of her background in the advertisement industry, which I am assuming trigger started this her pride and joy burger outlet.