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Kashmiri Vegetable Soup

Helloo everyone, The rain. Rain and none more, When it rains, I also get lazy ( Corn Soup , Chinese Tofu Soup , Lentil Vegetable Soup & Creamy Mushroom Soup ). You know how rainy weather is right? You just feel like dropping everything aside and cuddling in bed doing nothing ( Thai Tomato Soup , Japanese Lotus Root Soup  & Korean Radish Soup ). Of course, career must go on. Wish we can work escape. We can actually because October is the month you should start thinking about clearing your annual leave. Otherwise, trust me, some companies are merciless. Come beginning of another new year or the cut of point, your leave will be conveniently forfeited. Tell me about such companies? Thus, when rainy season begins, maybe its one of the best times for you to take leave if you have no purpose of keeping your leave and like I have already told you, sit back, rest back and enjoy your time at home over a serving of such inviting, almost luxurious, smooth to all our senses and mild