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Sarawak Laksa

Guys, I thought maybe for the time being, we will just stick to within our Malaysian recipes instead of humping and jumping to other countries around the globe and most probably, my last few recipes have indicated that I am staying put and standing on my Malaysian ground ( Ayam Pongteh & Chicken Vindaloo ). Of course, I am not denying that a  gastronomical  tour to other countries is definitely a food show for exposing us to the various types of cuisines ( Singapore Laksa  & Vietnamese Noodle Soup ). Yet, to a certain extent, I think we must do our local food hunting as well. Trust me, I myself personally have not completed making noodles from our different states ( Cantonese Yee Mee , Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Noodle Soup & Penang Mee Yoke ), though Curry Laksa, or Laksa Lemak or Curry Mee been trended in this space of mine ( Nyonya Curry Laksa ,  Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles  &  Penang Curry Mee ) and back then, don't know how moons ago, I did make a trip t