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Macher Chop (Bengali Style Fish Croquettes)

Just maybe three to four days of break from fish, and fish bounces back again in this space of mine. What? Are you going like what, fish again? Guys, hang in there before you jump the gun. It is not going to be a boring ( Tofu Katsu , Cauliflower Pakora , Crispy Fried Okra &  Mushroom Rolls ) fish recipe ( Malabar Fish Curry ) I will assure you because we are heading towards this Macher Chop, aka Bengali Style Fish Croquettes ( Bengali Fish Curry ) and of course I must as usual, give you options to other fish recipes as well ( Fish Soy Sauce  & Lemon Butter Salmon ). Macher Chop can also be known as fish cutlets ( Tuna Cutlets ) and most probably, if we are talking about the ingredients, basically, its ingredients from whichever part of India the recipe originated from? If you are asking me, yes and I went ahead with making a curd coriander chutney for dipping crispy on the outside and soft bite inside ( Chinese Prawn Fritters , Lamb Patties , Lamb Kofta , Mushroom Veggie