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Old Cucumber Soup

Old Cucumber, or some of you may like to call it as Matured Cucumber. Up to you. Its really up to you how you prefer to call this aged and also known as yellow gourd. And of course, it must be according to the Chinese ( Chick Kut Teh ,  Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken  & Salted Fish Bone Soup ) because I don't think old cucumber is a familiarity to us Indians, unless maybe you are another Indian like me who love Chinese food ( Chap Chai ) and soups, old cucumber is hailed for its health benefits ( Burdock Root Soup  & Winter Melon Soup ). Especially for those of you like me, me again right, who every and now then feel as though you are gutted by fire. In other words, you want to ditch aside heatiness from your body. Without a doubt, a familiarity for old cucumber soup is usually simmering it over low heat or in the slow cooker or some prefer double boiling, alongside pork bones or chicken ( Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup ) but this nava-k's version is a vegetarian and v