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Andhra Sambar

Sambar. Indian dal curry. Do I have to like say anything? Indians and sambar, or dal curry and us Indians? I am actually lost for words. But one thing is certain. I have been making, and making and making, and I have not stopped because if sambar is not one of the dishes in my house at least once a week, my other half-half's food life is not complete. Says it all and pretty much the logic to my sambar story, and I don't think my sambar story will ever stop. Of course, me being like a small time home chef, I try to vary sambar each time I make ( Palakura Pappu , Mulligatawny Soup , Bitter Gourd Sambar , Drumstick Sambar  & Simple Sambar ). More or less, or less or more, for celebrating lentils/dal ( Dhal Rice & Mysore Sambar ) and thank god for the various types. This Andhra Sambar is the outcome of moong dal/green gram and tempering cumin seeds, mustard seeds and curry leaves in ghee I must say infused an amazing and wonderful aroma ( Fish Sambar , Palak Sambar &