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Cari Poisson

Cari Poisson! Are you going like, where is this fish curry from? Well, from the shores of Mauritius. Cari Poisson/Mauritian Fish Curry, as I have already told you, is the fish curry made in Mauritius. Of course when we speak about fish curry of Indian descent, obviously spices will lead the way, wouldn't you agree ( Bengali Fish Curry , Malaysian Indian Fish Curry  & Malabar Fish Curry ). In fact, spices are generally the needed ingredients for most Indian curry dishes throughout the world ( Goan Prawn Curry , Devil's Curry , Sura Meem Kulambu  &  Indian Okra Curry ) and shouldn't we include chillies as well? Chillies alongside spices in the curry paste or mixture, or chillies as in other Asian dishes ( Ikan Balado , Thai Green Fish Curry , Fish Sambar  & Kerala Fish Fry ). We in Malaysian are also not short of spices and our spice roots originating from Straits of Malacca? My this version of Cari Poisson? I opted for ikan kembung, our affordable local