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Lemon Butter Salmon

So, a different kinda fish recipe today though fish is still the central ingredient. Yes foodies. Looks like there will be no end to my fish story and fish supposedly will forever be trended in my house ( Nyonya Steamed Fish , Malabar Fish Curry & Thai Crispy Fish ). Regardless, I broke free from those traditional and typical Asian style fish recipes. Yes I did. We need the change right? Of course. And the change in this form of a Western style dish ( Tuna Burgers , Batter Fried Fish , Fish Sandwich  & Baked Cornflakes Chicken ), I decided to do Lemon Butter Salmon. Lemon Butter Salmon ( Butter Prawns ) baking basically ( Baked Lemon Chicken ). Of course when we put together salmon especially ( Indian-Spiced Salmon & Grilled Salmon ) alongside lemon ( Thai Lemonade & Lemon Cashew Rice ) and butter, we must include rosemary for the beautiful smell as well right? I know. As if these four ingredients must be in tandem? You bet. What else did I do? Pairing gorgeou