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Golden Thai Seafood Village - (Batu Ferringhi, Penang) Malaysia

Dining with extended family I agree is all about bonding, but when its alongside almost literally 25 different characters, tell me please. Hair and head splitting. First of all, to decide where dinner should be, each of course have their own preferences, then, coming together, I mean driving together, especially when you are not sure where the roads are leading. Quite a thing actually, believe me. Still, we made it in one piece in Golden Thai Seafood Village. Impressive. Impressively set up, even the compound, upon walking in, you will notice rows and rows, one after the other sea catch confined in aquariums. Sad for the fish, prawns, crabs and what not, whichever sea creatures I noticed. Then again, I am not a vegetarian, so, no point sympathizing. After walking past the quite long aisle, while some family members disputed on what to order, we sat in the spacious dining area. Prettiness and neatness, with a cultural show going on right in front of us on the stage.