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Nyonya Steamed Fish

Back to fish and steaming. Yes foodies. However its not another same style to steaming and fish. Nope. Not at all. Today, I am sharing with all of you how to make this Nyonya Steamed Fish. Nyonya cuisine? Much has already been spoken about before ( Nyonya Lam Mee ,  Nyonya Curry Laksa ,  Nyonya Assam Fish Curry )? Furthermore, I also mentioned the concept to steaming and also fish by itself is a food familiarity in my house due to my other half-half and fish is the food for him mostly ( Ikan Balado ,  Malabar Fish Curry ,  Unagi Kabayaki ,  Thai Crispy Fish ,  Kerala Fish Fry  & Chilli Lime Fish ). Alright foodies, let's now get down to making this Nyonya Steamed Fish. A sambal style whereby you need to ground or blend the needed ingredients as listed below before frying sambal and then tipping it over fish which has already been steamed with ginger. Nyonya Steamed Fish? A revelation of the customary and much needed Nyonya loud and bold tastes ( Vietnamese Steamed Fish ,